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Mathilde Polidori


From Lyon, France

"Love is when you feel so good with another human being you can decide to share part of your life with"

"LA SIESTE", size 65x92cm

A: Please, share the love story that inspires you / happened to you

M: Ok. my own love story is really one good to hear. I was 26 and was not looking for a love story at all. I was going out a lot with my friends in Paris by night, and had ended up a long relationship short before. During new year Eve Party I met this guy, young brother of a friend of o friend of mine. he was so cute and I really like the vibes between us, but he was only 19 ! Aouch. This seems like a kid for me at that moment. Nothing happened but dancing and fun. A few months later when I was expecting to meet a guy I liked at a Party, the young guy showed up. By this time he has turned 20. the other guy did not come. We had so much fun I forgot about the age difference and brought him back home. A few weeks later we decided as he was always coming to my place he should move in. We never said our relationship was serious or anything, it just happened. 1 year later he said we love each other so much we could have a baby together. It has been 8 years now and we have 2 children and I rarely think about the age difference but when I tell our story.

A: What is love?

M: Love is when you feel so good with another human being you can decide to share part of your life with, no matter the differences and challenges you may have to come through.

A: Where does love live?

M: Love lives in everyone of course, it is the most common feeling shared and what we are all looking for from the very beginning. first your parents love, then your friends, then a girlfriend or boyfriend. It brings all the tenderness we need to walk through our lives.

A: Your wish to readers

M: I wish you to love so much people around you and be loved in return. It seems easy to say but it really is what brings you the energy to live, work, and challenge yourself.

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