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Grimanesa Amoros | Valentine's Ed

A: 3 signs of love:

G: balance




A: Inspiring love story (of your own or the one that inspires you)

G: In one of my recent artworks, 'AETERNUM,' I found inspiration in the captivating love story of its two collectors. They envision themselves as twin flames, each complementing the other in a bond that transcends the confines of time. Their love, unrestricted and ageless, challenges the conventional boundaries. Through their union, they embody the essence of life, demonstrating that the perfect timing of love unfolds when we are genuinely ready. 'AETERNUM,' Latin for forever, encapsulates the enduring power of a love story that knows no boundaries.



A: Please, continue: On this day I wish (for myself or others)...

G: On this day I wish (for myself or others) to …It can be challenging to recall the unique qualities that make us special. Therefore, I encourage everyone to reflect on and acknowledge one quality they love most about themselves in pursuing self-love, which creates confidence.


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