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Since 2018 we have been doing our best to create more connections around the world. 

We greatly appreciate every bright idea and contribution that was made to our project along the way, so please welcome these talented minds, who let the magic happen! 


Maria Meshcherskaya

ARV Contributors

Please meet this #dreamteam, who put their hearts&creativity and did ARV better, while joining us for a few months during the XN Project

on behalf of Northeastern University. 

Batch 2022

2022 came along as the year of the Czech Art Path. 
Here are some of the incredible minds,
​who was participating in the development of the concept of the new cultural tool

The league of 2020 


Sixuan Meng

"Curated the presentation process. As well as design of the website and app wireframes. Later developed app wireframes to prototype with the app team. Volunteered  as a coordinator between class and the client"


Mintra Bee Phophaijit

"Worked on the event section for the administrative side.

A favorite feature is the location pin that allows us to see all the events happening on the platform". —


Member of Front End
"Worked on the artists-related questions in the Q-burst section and the problem statement. 
Researched web statistics with a focus on competitive analysis. 
Navigated the content on the user persona, journey maps, and empathy map features". 

About us: Testimonials

Fang Dai

Project Manager

  • SQL database

  • Cloud computing applications

  • Enterprise information architecture

  • IT Project Management

  • Chinese; English

Yingying Yuan.JPG

Yingying Yuan

Data Scientist | Programmer

  • Data analytics, Data mining, Data modeling

  • IT Project management

  • R, Python, Java, Tableau, SQL

  • Chinese, English

Jing Zhang.png

Jing Zhang

Project Programmer

  • Data Crawling, Data Analytics, Algorithm

  • Java, Python, Matlab, JavaScript, HTML/CSS,Ruby

  • Chinese, English, Japanese

Batch 2020 


Henry Zou

Data analyst

  • Statistical modeling

  • Data mining, Algorithm, Python, R, Flask, TensorFlow


Wuminhui Li

Project Manager

  •  Website Operations Management (6+)

  • Team Management, Customer Service, Cross-functional Teamwork, Detail-Oriented

  • Mandarin, English

Screen Shot 2020-04-06 at 10.55.38

Shiyan Jin

Project Communicator

  • Software: Proficient in Excel, Word, Power Point, Adobe Photoshop 

  •  Chinese, English

Batch 2019 

Screen Shot 2020-04-06 at 10.55.48

Tong Jiang

App Designer


  • Digital media,

  •  Interactive design

  • JavaScript, HTML/CSS, Java

  • Chinese , English 

Screen Shot 2020-04-06 at 10.55.24

Shefali Chadha

Data enthusiast

  • Statistical modeling

  • Data analysis

  • Customer relations management

  • Python, SAS, R, ML.

Screen Shot 2020-04-06 at 10.56.00

Data Scientist

  • MS Excel, Python, SQL, Tableau

  • Data Analysis, Data Exploration, Data Mining (reduction, transformation, visualisation)

  • Project Management

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