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Loribelle Spirovski


From Metro Manila, Philippines

"I wish for the readers to be able to recognize love when they find it."

Portrait of the artist's husband

A: Please, share the love story that inspires you / happened to you

L: In my final year of high school I selected a few paintings as sources of inspiration for the major work I was to create for my higher school certificate. Among these was a portrait that won Australia’s most prestigious art prize. It was by the artist Cherry Hood and depicted a young man, larger than life, blue eyes looking out into the distance. It can be viewed here:

Many years later, I joined a Facebook art appreciation group where I hoped to start sharing my work as a budding painter. I started chatting with a fellow member who had wonderful things to say about my work. Months later, when I finally met him for the first time, I saw that it was the same man, the same boy who was in the painting all those years before. He had the same blue eyes, although he was much older now. After we got married, I would tell the story of how I met him all those years before he’d ever met me, and it still inspires me with every time I paint a portrait of him.

A: What is love? L: Love is a sentiment that can so easily become reduced to an abstract sound. But every time I say it I question its meaning and only say it out loud when I mean it. Every time it means something different, but I know it when it’s there.

A: Where does love live? L: Love lives where we find ourselves.

A: Your wish to readers L: I wish for the readers to be able to recognize love when they find it.

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