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AS IS | Sebastian Hosu

Sport artist

From Satu Mare, Romania

Based in Leipzig, Germany

Sebastian is a sport artist whose mostly abstract works emphasise the dynamic form the human body finds itself in when performing sports. His subjects are in harmony and mutual symbiosis with their surroundings, their synergy producing a flow to the canvases

A: How did you start to paint sports?

S: I have always been interested in the relationship between the human body and the landscape/nature. In my work, they coexist and at the same time they complement each other.

I don’t really think about sports in a classical way when I’m starting a painting or when I’m inside the process. I’m more interested in the explosive energy; I want to make people feel like my paintings are alive and can absorb them in their dynamic movement. It is all about the visual shock, and this is pure sport for me on an emotional level.

A: The most captivating part of it for you?

S: I like movement and dynamism because they are about life. Being "inside" my work while creating these dynamic images makes me feel more alive, and atingle with life in a good way.

A: How does the process work?

S: It is all about a kind of vital energy that I receive through being "inside" my work, and that in turn affects my everyday life. It is like a continuous cycle.

A: 3 things you learned about sports by painting it?

S: I think sports have the ability to make people understand how strong the human body is and how it is bound with nature, and at the same time, how sports create enormous tensions between them.

A: I’ve never tried, but wish to paint…

S: I would love to express the dynamic of my paintings and drawings through other mediums as well, like installations or sculpture. I’m working on this right now to understand how.

A: Your advice to someone who’s just starting their sport art journey?

S: This is a dificult question. I think each artist should experiment with their own way of expression. Of course, the way you live could give you the freedom to do that or take it away - it depends on your lifestyle and ambition.

A: A funny story that happened to me related to painting sports is…

S: When I was painting a huge mural of a 5mx8m scale only using two ladders to stand on with each of my legs. Because I´m very impulsive when painting, each movement was a huge risk. This directly influenced me to paint this huge-scale work with freedom of imagination. The prize was that I could fall down any moment. Well, this is more of a kamikaze story than a funny one. At least after the work was finished and the result was good, it was a fun story to tell during the opening of the show.

A: Your favorite quote?

S: “I perceive painting as a vehicle for the operation of the soul.”

Thank you!

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