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AS IS | Layla Oz


Layla is a versatile figurative artist whose inspiration, among others, comes form sport. Her style varies from period to period as she likes to experiment and explore new possibilities

A: How did you start to paint sports?

L: Well, some of my works represent swimmers and divers; water sport was a choice dictated by aesthetics and by my taste. I paint and draw mainly figures or faces, and having worked many decades in the antiques sector, getting inspired by vintage comes naturally to me.

A: The most captivating part of it for you?

L: I don't know, it depends on what you mean.

A: How does the process work?

L: It depends, for oil paintings I use the classic techniques used by the ancient masters, natural glues and gypsums (gesso) for priming the supports and natural pigments and linseed or walnut oil for colours, even acrylic colours - I love to produce them myself with natural glues and natural pigments. High quality professional printing techniques are adopted for digital works, assembled in various ways on various supports depending on the situation.

Recently some NFTs have been also minted, but for now without a sale result.

A: 3 things you learned about sports by painting it?

L: The sports figures are beautiful to paint, the bodies are toned and lean, the appearance is always youthful.

A: I’ve never tried, but wish to paint…

L: In what you like to do, you usually give the best of yourself with the least effort, so if you like the idea of painting, of creating... try.

A: Your advice to someone who’s just starting their sport art journey?

L: I could not give any other advice than to do what you feel inside, always.

A: A funny story that happened to me related to painting sports is…

L: No funny story that I remember.

A: Your favorite quote?

L: I do not know.

Thank you!

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