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Annina Roescheisen


From Rosenheim, Germany

"We all have love to give - so I send mine to you."

“MM” , mixed media on aluminium stretched canvas /140x140x5cm, 2022

AR: Please, share the love story that inspires you / happened to you

A: The infinite love story that constantly grows within you towards yourself and towards everybody and everything outside of you.

AR: What is love?

A: Love is so much bigger than we think - as love has nothing to think about - only to feel.

Love is a deep feeling, omnipresent - that grows far beyond a warm heartbeat; a feeling of connectivity, compassion, warmth, peace and joy combined. Love is simple and complex at the same time - love is a circle, a round, without expectations, limits or desires - love is free and generates freedom within you and others. Love is everything and everywhere - at any moment , eternally. Love is now.

AR: Where does love live?

A: It lives in resonance, heart-beating and ping ponging between your heart and the universal infinite heart.

AR: Your wish to readers

A: We all have love to give - so I send mine to you.

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