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Fares Micue | Valentine's Ed

A: What is love for you?

F: For me to love is to be alive, love is everywhere and is a powerful energy that pushes us to want to become our best selves. When we lack love, especially self-love we are completely lost.

As to love and to be loved in the “person to person” kind of way, is to become part of someone's heart as well as having that person as part of yours, in a way that hurting them would be like hurting yourself therefore, if that someone is willing to hurt you he/she most definitely doesn’t love you.

A: 3 signs of love: 

F: We are motivated and we have a purpose, we care for ourselves and those around us, and we strive to become the best version we can be to be useful for those we love.

A: Inspiring love story (of your own or the one that inspires you)

F: I am not a huge fan of love stories in general but, I always feel touched (And a bit envious) by old couples that despite being together, on occasion for over 40 years, still hold hands and smile at each other like the first day, it is truly beautiful and admirable.

A: Please, continue: On this day I wish (for myself or others)...

F: On this day I wish (for myself or others) to always be open to receiving and giving love and to not allow old experiences to prevent them from finding and enjoying true and long-lasting love.

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