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Emma Talbot


From Stourbridge, UK

"To find a way towards joy, even for small moments"

EmmaTalbot, Journey to the Centre of Love, watercolour on khadi paper, 2019

courtesy the artist and Petra Rinck Gallery, Düsseldorf

A: Please, share the love story that inspires you / happened to you

E: For me, as a widow, some of the most powerful love I’ve experienced has also been bound up in grief. But the beautiful thing about love is that it continually gives a sense of hopefulness, because it’s possible to love again or because love has many forms. I like epic love stories, about love against adversity, love that finds a way. One of my favourite films is Fassbinder's 'Fear Eats the Soul’, a story of an elderly woman who falls in love with a migrant worker. It’s a tender, tragic story that analyses a love that isn’t socially accepted, that goes against prejudice. I like the way the love story is simultaneously fragile and powerful, impossible and inevitable.

A: What is love?

E: Love is a powerful benevolent energy that allows us to see the potential best in things; in ourselves, in others. It’s a state of care, attention and positivity that makes everything seem worthwhile.

A: Where does love live?

E: In everyone of us, to be extended outwards to others to make a net, a system of survival.

A: Your wish to readers

E: To find a way towards joy, even for small moments.

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