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Michal Trpak


From Ceske Budejovice, Czechia

"I wish all readers to find someone to love and someone who loves them"

"Online Romance" 2015

A: Please, share the love story that inspires you / happened to you

M: You can find many love stories in my works... But love stories in the art that inspires me?

This could be a classical Rodins Kiss, or Klimts Kiss, or Brancusi Kiss

A: What is love?

M: Love is different to a lover, to a wife, to parents, and to kids or friends ... What is it? There is no simple answer- but love is usually irrational, and emotional and means care about someone... But can be also painful to find out what love is and who you want to love...

A: Where does love live?

M: In our minds, bodies, and souls.

A: Your wish to readers

M: I wish all readers that they find someone to love and someone who loves them and also that they love themselves too.

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