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Emil Alzamora


From Lima, Peru, raised in Florida, US

"Love is the force that unites."

A: Please, share the love story that inspires you / happened to you

E: I am inspired daily by my wife of almost 20 years. She is my partner in life, work, and in pretty much every way, every day. She is brilliant in ways that are mysterious to me. She challenges me daily to try harder and do better. Her care, support, kindness, and nurturance is unrelenting and unwavering. I am indeed a lucky person to have found such love.

A: What is love?

E: Love is the force that unites. In unity, there is creativity, growth, and exploration. I would go so far as to say there are parallels in the way that humans love, in the way that animals love as well as in the way that molecules come together. Attraction is a force that operates at any scale of existence. To love is to grow close through connection, understanding, and compassion. It is a natural state for a matter of any sort, if we align with our truest nature, love prevails.

A: Where does love live?

E: Love resides anywhere that matter can be found throughout the universe. We, humans, are a special combination of matter. Human love in particular is miraculous in its complexity and therefore a cause for celebration. If we can overcome the limitations of fear, then we live in love.

A: Your wish to readers

E: Love starts with the acceptance of the miracle of the self in its many manifestations. This acceptance is the beginning of being able to see, feel and reside in a place of love. Take the time to get to know yourself so that you can bring the most aware version of yourself into whatever it is you do and whoever you get to know.

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