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AS IS | Viktorie Langer


From Kremnica, Slovakia

Based in Prague (Czechia) and Sicily (Italy)

Viktorie Langer's work is hard to categorize, even the artist herself rejects any attempts to classify her art. Her canvases offer a show of various abstract shapes and colors, placed around intuitively and guiding the observer's eye around the canvas.

A: Please, tell us a bit more about yourself. What brought you to art?

V: Probably when I was in kindergarten I told myself I'd be a painter. I have been led by a combination of intuition and life circumstances to continue until this day. I can't imagine doing anything else, it's in my essence. I think my current incarnation is destined to create paintings - energetic radiators that elevate the vibration levels around them.

A: What inspires you the most?

V: The past couple of years I have been inspired by different schools of thought and new knowledge. For example, I am intrigued by the way modern science, such as quantum physics, seems to confirm the oldest spiritual philosophies. I am interested in hermeticism, Gnosticism, and Buddhism. Nature and the universe itself are great sources of inspiration, as well as daily life experiences. I believe our life on earth is a test we need to pass and everything we deal with is our lesson. It's quite inspiring.

A: Do you have any specific rituals while working (creating)?

V: Before I start painting, I take a moment to meditate, center myself, and move to a slightly different plane of existence where only me and my paintings exist. During work, I listen to frequency music and whale sounds.

A: What would you recommend to someone new to art (an artist or just an admirer), what to begin with?

V: Probably to go within and find their essence, understand their uniqueness, and do unique things how they want to do them, not how others say they should do them or how logic tells them to do them. To be inspired by life itself and to always be aware of what's happening around them and their intuition.

A: Your top 3 adjectives or phrases related to art?

V: I hope I don't use phrases too much... When I converse about art, I like to compare it to music or poetry.

A: Your favorite Czech artists?

V: I have various favorites, but I don't consider their nationality relevant and don't want to classify them based on it.

A: What piece of art do you think embodies the Czech national spirit and culture?Why?

V: I can't relate to this nationalistic way of thinking, so none for me.

A: How do you like to connect with others through art?

V: I'd probably ask the person about the last exhibition they saw or what they liked. Then the conversation would perhaps unfold.

A: Where can we meet you?

V: In my studio in Libčice nad Vltavou or my summer studio in Sicily. My home is where I spend time with my family so please don't go there.

A: Is there any quote or idea that has guided you in your work and/or life?

V: "God is in everything, even in shit." - František Drtikol

Thank you!

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