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AS IS | Ricardo Mondragon


From: Mexico City

Based in: Chicago, IL

We were lucky to interview one of a kind Ricardo Mondragon about his art journey, nature of the inspiration, some tips for those who are just starting, and many more.

A: Please, tell us a bit more about yourself. What brought you into art?

R: Art is a modus vivendi. I do not believe there was a specific time when I realized I wanted to be an artist or something specific that brought me to art. I’ve always been drawn to expression, culture, mind rebellion, visual and aural stimulation, broadening perspectives, and, most importantly…curiosity. I went to many museums when I was young and had parents who were culture advocates. I think that made a big impression on me.

Also, studying Music Composition was key to develop my work on universal harmonies, waves, and frequency interactions. I think my art comes from a collection of everything I’ve done and a philosophy of life that has been brewing for quite some time.

A: What inspires you the most?

R: Nature. Nature is the real artist. I think we are too focused on humanity and not focused nearly enough on how nature truly works. We should be able to communicate better with nature and often lack connection and empathy. We are too self-absorbed as a race.

A: Do you have any specific rituals while working(creating)?

R: Every day is different, but as you keep working, you develop techniques within your practice. I think my only ritual is to work every day. Not every day you make art, but every day you get to work.

Some days, work is about research. Some days work is about thought; others are purely mechanical. Some days are about creation. Some days, it’s hard to find motivation, but eventually, you’ll get somewhere if you start working. Art comes from hard work. It’s all about determination.

A: What would you recommend to someone who's new to art (rather artist or just an admirer), what to begin with?

R: Be original. Forget about trends. Don’t compare yourself to others. Lack of money is not an excuse. Start working today, and eventually, you’ll find your path.

A: Your top 3 favorite adjectives related to art?

R: Smooth, raw, powerful…

A: The best angle to look at art is from ..?

R: Your perspective.

A: The Perfect phrase to start any conversation about art is: ..?

R: I don’t know. I usually do not seek art conversations. I guess: “So, what do you do?”

A: Must-read books to talk about art (or do we even need them)?

R: Of course, we do.

Gombrich: The Story of Art

Kandinsky: Concerning the Spiritual in Art

Albers: Interaction of Color

A: If you could change one thing in the art world - what would it be?

R: Human Chauvinism

A: Please, share your favorite quote (not necessarily related to art)

R: I am not a fan of “favorites,”… but a good quote is:

“Art saved my life.”

― Chuck Close

Thank you!

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