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AS IS | Martine Poppe


From Oslo, Norway

Based between Oslo and London, UK

We were thrilled to interview very special Martine Poppe on her art journey, some tips for those who are just starting out, and on perspectives of the creative industry.

A: Please, tell us a bit more about yourself. What brought you into art?

M: That's a tricky question to answer since I don't really remember. Like many artists, I always loved making things as a child. In kindergarten I'd draw, paint, work with clay, and weave whenever I could.

When I got older, I couldn't reconcile myself with the idea of doing anything but making art, so I specialized in arts, craft, and art history in high school, and went on to study at the Slade School of Fine Art in London.

A: What inspires you the most?

M: Light, the materials I work with (polyester restoration fabric, textiles, oil painting, etc.), and being human.

A: What would you recommend to someone who's new to art (whether artist or just an admirer), what to begin with?

M: Talking to artists. Visiting a contemporary art museum or two. And taking the time to experience artworks, without trying to 'get it. When I see new work, I enjoy starting with the 'what' and the 'how' of it, and then the 'why' follows.

A: Your top 3 favorite adjectives related to art?

M: Diverse, open, human

A: The best angle to look at art is from...?

M: A 45-degree angle.

A: The Perfect phrase to start any conversation about art is:..?

M: "How?"

A: Must-read books to help us talk about art (or do we even need them)?

M: I don't really read books about art anymore, but I enjoy collections of letters and such written by artists. Maybe Black Mountain: An Interdisciplinary Experiment, 1933-1957.

A: If you could change one thing in the art world - what would it be?

M: Equal opportunities for everyone.

A: Please, share your favorite quote (not necessarily related to art)

M: "In nature nothing is perfect and everything is perfect". Alice Walker

Thank you!

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