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AS IS | David Čáp


From Teplice, Ústí region, Czechia

Based in Prague and Kralupy nad Vltavou, Central Bohemian region, Czechia

David Čáp represents the youngest generation of contemporary Czech artists. Typical for his abstract paintings is an interest in color and texture. David doesn't work with a clear idea about the result, instead, he uses external materials during his work process, exploring their abilities, thus often achieving unexpected and surprising results.

A: Please, tell us a bit more about yourself. What brought you to art?

D: Ever since I was a child I've had this urge to create. This urge is still as strong as it was when I was 6. Where it came from, I don't know. My parents influenced me by encouraging me to explore art. I think that my father and grandfather had the same urge as me, but due to the time and environment they grew up they realized it differently than me. That was definitely inspiring for me.

A: What inspires you the most?

D: I absorb things around me. I pay attention to various random textures, in nature, in cities, and in other artificially created spaces, but mostly during the work process itself. I try to understand how and why they were created, then I try to find a way to imitate that process or at least reach a similar result. Sometimes I find or realize something completely different than I expected. I research how materials originate, work, and age, and then I use that knowledge in my work. I often feel more like a deranged explorer who lets the process surprise him than an artist with a clear idea about what they want to do and then materializing it.

A: Do you have any specific rituals while working (creating)?

D: Yes, for example, I walk around Baumax (a hardware store), looking at all the things they have there, and ponder about how it could all help me create a new piece. Ironically, sometimes I find that sitting in my studio and scrolling on Instagram or TikTok for an hour helps me, too - it makes me feel like I'm wasting time and that gives me the kick I need to start working. But usually, I just come to my studio and work until I get hungry.

A: What would you recommend to someone new to art (an artist or just an admirer)? What to begin with?

D: That depends on their goals, but as it is with everything, it pays to be consistent and persistent.

A: Your top 3 words or phrases you like to use to talk about art?

D: I prefer not to talk about art at all. It's best when I just quietly watch and there's no need for words because it's all clear.

A: Your favorite Czech artists?

D: Dokoupil, Kintera, Sýkora, Malich, Typlt, Krňanský, Vytiska, Masker, Jindrák Skřivanová, Stanová,… You could say that every time I see their work, it motivated me to create.

A: Is there a work of art you think embodies the Czech national spirit and culture? Why?

D: I don't know about that, but if there is one, I bet it's on a beer coaster.

A: How do you like to start conversations about art?

D: I am in general not great at starting conversations. :)

A: Where can we meet you?

D: At home, though I hope not to meet you there. Otherwise somewhere on the way to a lunch/dinner and back. I mostly work in my studio, come check it out sometime.

A: Is there any quote or idea that has guided you in your work and/or life?

D: I don't have one. Expressing myself with words is not my forte.

Thank you!

For more: visit or IG


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