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AS IS | Annina Roescheisen


From Bavaria, Germany

Based in Lisbon, Portugal

Annina is a multi-media artist whose work includes paintings, drawings, video, performance, and installation. One of many themes of her works is the interest in the aesthetics of color (based on Goethe) and the way it can evoke and impact human emotions. She is also intrigued by such binary oppositions as dream and reality or the visible and invisible

1 - Annina Roescheisen, Blue N10, 65 x 50cm, mixed media & ink 350 gr. fine art paper, 2018, 2 - Annina Roescheisen, Vibrational Strings - the Spider, 140 x 140 x 5cm, mixed media & ink on aluminium canvas, 2021, 3 - Annina, Roescheisen, Marie Madeleine, 140 x 140 x 5 cm, mixed media on aluminium canvas

A: Please, tell us a bit more about yourself. What brought you into art?

AN: What brought me into life was art. ☺ I have felt a calling since a very young age: to search as long as it takes for the one thing in life that makes my heart vibrate.

A: What inspires you the most?

AN: Silence.

A: Do you have any specific rituals while working (creating)?

AN: We constantly evolve hence our routines/rituals adapt and evolve. What stays is the centring and re-centring within the heart.

A: What would you recommend to someone who's new to art (whether artist or just an admirer), what to begin with?

AN: Close your eyes and then you will "see".

A: What are your three favorite adjectives related to art?

AN: Authentic, generous, free.

Photo credit: Christian Geisselmann

A: The best angle to look at art is from ...?

AN: ... your heart.

A: The perfect phrase to start any conversation about art is ...?

AN: There is no such phrase for me.

A: Must-read books to help us talk about art (or do we even need them)?

AN: We tend to analyze art instead of sitting in front of it, taking the time to breathe with it and go beyond our rational references.

A: If you could change one thing in the art world - what would it be?

AN: I would change everything. In my eyes the art world is a system that is stuck.

A: Please, share your favorite quote (not necessarily related to art):

AN: "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." (Leonardo da Vinci)

Thank you!

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